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on purpose. this i think was an accident. a new church in illinois, christian science society of dixon, some a saying when you look at it from the sky from a satellite view it resembles a -- familiar shape of some kind. christian science, look at things that might be a little jewish too. the best part is this is how god sees it from above. what is that? that's where people gather to worship you, lord. kidding it is a parking structure. funny that people even think about this. when i saw this picture, to me if you added some colors, and you know you paint the end parts white it looks like a rainbow with two cloud on either end. i don't have my mind in the gutter like the rest of you. what i really want to know who typed the words church and penis into google earth to accidentally find this. and one more item of note. this is an interesting product. a japanese company has a new iphone accessory called sente, a device plugs into your phone and releases the smell of your choice whenever you got a message. which is, it is great for, people who love their phone but, just wish it could be more like
to a kind of interesting public boarding school that they called the governor's school for science and math. >> rose: i know about the governor's school. >> yeah and it was really cool for me because it had kids from different parts of the state and even though it seemed like that wouldn't be that much more diverse than kid just from the city it really was, kids from cities and stuff exposed to different things and it was, you know, a more advanced course work and -- >> rose: going back to the governor's school and the people that knew you then would you say he was the funniest guy in the class. >> i was pretty funny i remember there used to be from eight to ten you lived in like dorms and from eight to 10:00 you would have to stay in your room and studied and from 10:00 to 11:00 you could come down and hang out so 10:00 to 11:00 people would be congregating sitting zero berchts and tell stories and stuff like that, so, you know, i think that was kind of like, you know, i always enjoyed telling stories and things of that nature which is kind of a form of stand-up in a way so i was funny in
the old school guys for not knowing this, this, this. but i mean, ben hogan might not have had the science to measure everything, but there is really not anyone today who hits the golf ball like like him. so, you know, dave matthew said in a song once and this really hit me, he said progress takes away from what took prefer to find and i thought, wow, that is pretty deep. you know, soable, i would love to be able to use the new stuff and i wish i had the ability to understand what attracted me when i was 13 and kept swinging in to out to stop the ball from going left that would have been helpful. >> rose: what do you think of stack and tilt and plumber and bennett? >> i think andy plumber is arguably to me maybe one of the sharpest minds in golf instruction and you know andy, mike is a friend as well. but i think it is how you go about doing something so i am not going to sit here and tell you that everyone is wrong but us. >> rose: yes. does that mean that you follow what andy plumber and michael bennett teach .. or think about the swing and the structure of a swing and -- >> yeah, i mea
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)